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Nozomi 望

1757 W Carson St, Ste L
Torrance, CA 90501



There are a lot of sushi places in LA.  But what sets this place apart from the rest is their uni-don aka fresh sea urchin bowl.    The uni is from California, and not imported, so it is very fresh.  It’s a more delicate, refreshing and sweeter uni than the typical one you’d find at sushi restaurants.  The uni-don is a good deal during lunch time, at $15 a bowl (choose from sushi rice or reg rice – go with the sushi rice!) which comes with a salad a miso soup – perfect for light eaters.  For average eaters, you might want to order and split a lunch combination with the uni-don.  The fried oysters and teriyaki chicken are good choices.

You never want to go back to regular uni after this place!

Lunch menu


Salad and miso soup – the soup is loaded with shredded vegetables!

The main feature:  uni-don

Happy Harbor Restaurant 凱悅大酒樓

1015 Nogales St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


This is probably my favorite dim-sum place in LA.  It isn’t like a traditional dim-sum restaurant where they wheel the carts of dim-sum around; the waiter/waitress first present you with a picture menu, then you write down your selections on a form.  The food comes when its ready, and not all at once, so it is fresh and hot for you to enjoy.  Happy Harbor is a bit more expensive than most dim-sum places, but it is worth its value.  The restaurant uses quality ingredients, which you can really taste the difference.  Expect to pay $10 – $15 per person with tax and tip, with at least a 30 minute wait.

Some of the notable dishes are:

Chicken feet

Steamed turnip cake

Egg tofu with fish cake

Shrimp dumpling aka har-gow

Siu-mai topped with masago (fish roe)

Crystal dumpling filled with shrimp and leeks

Tofu pudding