11267 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 477-6075



There are 2 Tofu-Yas, both in West LA.  One is located near Sawtelle & Olympic and the other is on the corner of Sawtelle and National.  It’s relatively close by work and one of our favorites.  Both offer similar menus although the one on National also has AYCE K-BBQ.  Parking is also hard to come by for both.  I like the one on National better since the restaurant is bigger, so there’s less of a line.  On the downside though, people are BBQ-ing their meat, so there’s a lot of smoke.

Tofu-Ya offers a lot of variety, the restaurant not only serves soon-tofu, there’s also seafood pancake, bibimbap, bulgogi on sizzling plate, etc.  Food is pretty decent and the banchans (side dishes) are good,  so no need to drive all the way to K-town! Please note though, the rice for the soon-tofu is served in a metal bowl, so you can’t make your own jook (rice porridge) afterwards.


One of my coworkers ordered the seafood pancake, which was really good.  I’m going to start ordering this from now on!  Even though it’s listed as an appetizer on the menu, the portion is pretty big. $10.95


The lunch combo is a good deal.  Soon tofu + dolsot bibimbap (bibimbap served in hot claypot) is $13.99.  If you just order the dolsot bibimbap a la carte, it’s $9.95.

Beef soon-tofu


Dolsot bibimbap – my favorite dish here!  The portion is also pretty generous for this one.  For those of you who like your rice to be a little crispy, wait a bit before you mix the ingredients.  🙂


Add the red sauce and mix. And voila!  The dolsot bibimbap is now ready to eat.

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