Downtown Artwalk

The downtown artwalk occurs every second Thursday, between 2nd to 9th Street and Broadway to Main Street.  Lots of temporary galleries pop-up in the vacant building spaces, not to mention some of the permanent galleries are also open just for the artwalk.  It’s a very informal way to enjoy art.  There is no admission or dress code, and you can just pop into any gallery you’d like, which is why I think the artwalk has gained such popularity.

Food trucks also contribute to the artwalk experience.  The food trucks have been spread across different parking lots and there would be at least 30 food trucks in total on artwalk nights.  However, the city has imposed sanctions due to the fatal accident last month, so all of the food trucks were gathered at 2nd and Main for this month’s event.  It will probably be this way next month.  Food truck reviews are available on Yelp, so if you’re not sure if a particular food truck is worth trying, Yelp it!  There’s also a good selection of food at the Grand Central Market.  During artwalk nights, Grand Central Market is open until 9pm.

Some of the historical theaters in downtown have also started hosting guided tours on artwalk nights.  Might be great photo ops for you photographers out there.  I think I’ll try it out the next time I go to the artwalk.

All in all, the artwalk is a great way to experience a different side of LA.  Lots of people watching, lots of different kinds of art, lots of different food.  Many of my friends have compared it to the Asian night-markets.  Check it out if you haven’t already!  Please note that there are a lot of police around on artwalk nights, and they WILL  issue jaywalk tickets ($194 is pretty hefty).  So don’t jaywalk!


Downtown at dusk


Pop-up restaurant at Grand Central Market.  The people running it said that they’re only around on artwalk nights.


I ordered the pork burger – which has a ground pork mixed with chorizo patty.  Good!  $8


Fish market inside Grand Central Market. Also sells food — menu  and prices are on the board.


Scallop taco from the fish market.  The scallops were succulent and fried in batter. There’s actually quite of bit of scallops in the taco.  Great deal for $2.50 each


The food trucks


The mime that we saw during previous visits.  I wonder where he went this month…



Different kinds of art


Artist at work (the guy with the gray hair)

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