[Chicago] Dose Market

Inside River East Art Center
435 E Illinois St
Chicago, IL 60611
Two blocks west of  Navy Pier

At the Celebrity Chefs Ball, I met a food writer for one of the local Chicago magazines.  She suggested that I check out Dose Market during my stay – it’s a once a month farmer’s market of some sort (no produce though!), with different types of food and fashion under one roof.  Since it’s on my way to Navy Pier, I swung by to take a look.

Dose Market happens once a month, bringing food and fashion/accessories vendors from around Chicago and the neighboring states.  Admission is $10, and only covers your entrance.  I recommend not eating before hand, so that you can sample the food there.  I ate breakfast before I went and then regretted it, as there were lots of pastry and coffee vendors.  The space inside the Arts Center for the market is pretty small, with 15-20 vendors, so it’s crowded.  Worth checking out if you’re already in the area.


Lots of people inside!


Map of the vendors


Gourmet marshmallows from Indiana.  So yum!


The pastries looked so good but I didn’t get to try…


Exotic spices



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