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[Waikiki/Hawaii] Blue Water Shrimp & Fish Market

International Market Place Food Court
2330 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815




I heard that the famous Giovanni garlic shrimp truck at North Shore is worth the long drive from Waikiki, but wasn’t sure if/when I was going to have time to go there.  Then, I met a few Chicago foodies who told me about Blue Water Shrimp & Fish Market in Waikiki, which is supposed to be even better than Giovanni.  Since it’s in Waikiki, off I went!  I will still have to try Giovannis the next time I’m in Hawaii, so that I can compare.


The signage – almost looks like a fish market!  Located inside the International Market Place Food Court.


The 1 page menu.  Prices are really reasonable for the amount of food you get.


The famous garlic shrimp – 6 pieces $7.95.  The presentation is so Hawaiian!  And yes, comes with rice, side salad and slice of pineapple.  The shrimp is really fresh!  I braved my shrimp allergies and tackled the plate but no allergies after the meal, so yay!  Should’ve ordered more pieces!  Nom nom nom…

[Waikiki/Hawaii] Eggs ‘N Things

343 Saratoga Rd
Honolulu, HI 96815


I was looking for a local place for some authentic Hawaiian breakfast, flipped through my Lonely Planet and found this place.  Great food, good service, however, the wait could be horrendous since it’s a small place (seating is only on the second floor).  I waited for 30 minutes, and for bigger parties, I heard the wait was well over 1 hour.  No wonder the coffee shop next door has such brisk business – people get so tired from waiting for Eggs ‘N things.  But good things come to those who wait!  🙂


The long line outside, at 8am


The menu


Guava juice – small $3.95


The different syrups – coconut and guava.  Both are really tasty!  And of course, there’s also maple syrup.


My breakfast: portuguese sausage & eggs.  The eggs were light and fluffy.  Never had portuguese sausage before this and it was yummy!  Comes with a side of salsa.  $8.95


Upgraded to macademia nut pancakes for extra $2.75.  There were macademia nuts inside the pancakes too!  I think they used mochi powder in the batter because the texture had a little bit of the mochi consistency.  Highly recommend this pancake, especially with the coconut syrup!  ^ ^