[Hawaii] Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice

66-087 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712




I heard about Matsumoto’s from friends, before I even went to Hawaii.  They raved about the shaved ice, how it’s a must try.  So I made my friend stop by on our drive up to North Shore.  You can’t miss it – it’s the only store with a huge line out the front!  Supposedly there’s a Matsumoto’s truck at Diamond Head, but I didn’t see it when I went on my hike.


The line – don’t be daunted.  Even though it may seem long, it actually moves quite fast.  I guess shaved ice appeals to all ages!


The shaved ice menu – so many choices!  Try it with the ice cream.  The various flavored syrups blended with the vanilla ice cream is so good!  Get it with a holder for an extra $0.25 if you don’t want dripping syrupy water all over you. 🙂


Got the small tropical flavor with ice cream, which has lilikoi, guava and papaya flavored syrups.  So colorful and pretty!  Not to mention so refreshing and yummy on a hot day.


The store also sells various Hawaiian treats and souvenirs.  It’s a one-stop shop!


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