Yi Mei Deli Co

18414 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 854-9246




This is my favorite place for Taiwanese-style breakfasts.  It’s really authentic and has a lot of variety.  Everything, from the buns to the soymilk,  is made fresh daily.  Located in the HK Shopping Plaza on Colima, parking is usually a breeze.  It gets very packed during the weekends, with a long line out the door.  Yi Mei does not have much seating, so make sure you hunt for a table before you order.

Yi Mei also sells frozen items that you can buy and just reheat at home.  I recommend getting the frozen steam bao (xiao-long-bao) or the dumplings.  At home, you can just steam it and it’ll be ready to eat in minutes.  Convenient and yum — much better than the supermarket versions!


The menu in Chinese and in English – one side is more of the lunch menu 


The breakfast menu


Egg omelet – One of my favorite breakfast items at Yi Mei.  This is kinda like a Taiwanese breakfast burrito.  It’s eggs with scallions wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Dip it in the garlic soy sauce!  $3


Radish cake is also really good here.  Slightly crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. $3.05


Taiwanese rou-yuan.  Glutinuous rice wrapped with meat and vegetables.  Nice texture and the accompanying reddish sauce is good.  $2.50


Wa-gui – almost like a rice pudding, it’s steamed and then topped with minced meat & shitake mushrooms and covered in a sweeter soy sauce.  Tasty! $2.50


Beef sandwich – marinated beef slices and pickeled vegetableswrapped in flaky bread  $3.25


Sweet bean curd, or what I like to call sweet tofu pudding.  $2.20


Soy milk – available hot or cold, sweet or salty.  This is the hot sweet soy milk $1.70

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