[New Orleans] Restaurant August

301 Tchoupitoulas St
New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 299-9777

I would say that this is the best meal I had in New Orleans… and probably the best lunch I’ve had in a while.  🙂
One rule of thumb for me, before I splurge on a fancy dinner, is to try out the restaurant’s lunch menu first.  Usually, a lot of high-end restaurants offer a prix fixe lunch specials, which you get to sample at a considerably lower price than the dinners.  When I started researching about New Orleans, Yelp highly recommended Restaurant August for its prix fixe lunch.  At only $20.12 (I think the price corresponds with the current year) which includes appetizer, entree and dessert, it really is a steal.  So that’s how I happened to stumble upon this gem.
Restaurant August has all of the components of a great restaurant – excellent service, great food, awesome food presentation and stately grandeur.  The waiter actually seats you (pulls your chair out and scoot it in), places the linen napkin on your lap and changes the silverware with each entree.  When you return to your seat from the restroom, they seat you again and place the napkin on your lap again. This is the first restaurant that I’ve been to, where the waiter is a different person from the food server.   And they’ll actually inquire about how you like the food.  So, without further ado, onto the food!
Compliments of the kitchen!  The restaurant started me off with a seafood custard, in eggshell, topped with caviar and truffle fry.  So delicious!
Fresh baked bread.  Soft and moist. Mmmm….
Iced tea, southern style – automatically comes with cream and sugar!  Nicely brewed with free refills  $2.95
I wasn’t sure about the portion on the prix fixe menu, so I ordered an additional appetizer, just in case.  Gnocchi with blue crab and black truffle.  The gnocchi is handmade, and pillowy-soft.  The flavors all blended well together. Great choice!  $18
Prix fixe appetizer:  strawberry salad tossed with aged balsamic and pistachio butter, with goat cheese croquette.  One of the more unusual salads I’ve had.  I must say, I never knew strawberries and pistachio butter could be such a wonderful combo.  Yum yum….
Prix fixe entrée:  crispy pork belly with pear and radish.  I was a bit worried when I saw this dish, since I thought it was going to taste very fatty.  Surprisingly, when I bit into the pork, I could only taste the crunchiness and the pork essence.  The middle layer was chewy and not squirting with fat.  I wonder how they cook it…
Prix fixe dessert:  “Affogato” – milk gelato with brownie bites and coffee cream. Mmmm….
Just when I thought the meal was over, the server brought me another compliments of the kitchen:  fresh-made peanut brittle and passion-fruit puree truffle.  So much thought goes into making the dining experience a great one!  🙂

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