[New Orleans] Cochon

930 Tchoupitoulas St
New Orleans, LA 70195
(504) 588-2123
I found Cochon on Yelp, due to its stellar reviews.  What really drew me in was the fried alligator.  I’ve never had alligator before, and thought this would be a good place as any to try it for the first time.  Cochon is just a few blocks down from Emerils but unlike Emerils, it’s not full of tourists.  But, do make a reservation, since the restaurant gets pretty packed.
The decor is all wood.  Very simple and clean.  I like!
The 1 page menu.  Lots of interesting dishes!
The restaurant has its own hot sauce
Started off with the wood fire oyster roast.  Somehow the oysters are just huge in New Orelans!  The sauce was tangy and spicy but was great with the oysters.  Delish!  $10
The crawfish étouffée.  Pretty mild flavor, definitely not what I was expecting, but good.  The ones I’ve had in LA are creamy versus this version from Cochon.  $12
The fried alligator with chili garlic aioli.  The presentation was really nice, but alligator tastes like tough pork and not much flavor.  Fail.  $10.
Braised pork cheeks with sauerkraut potato cakes, apple sauce and goat feta.  The pork cheeks were very tender and nicely flavored, and was balanced out by the potato cakes. Mmm…  $11.

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