15904 E Gale Ave
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

(626) 855-3500

There are a few Ojiya locations.  The Hacienda Heights location specializes in yakitori.  Located inconspicuously in a strip mall, this place serves surprisingly good food.  Parking is a breeze.  There are quite a few tables, so it doesn’t take long to snag one.  Ojiya also takes reservations!  🙂
The menu is quite extensive – ranging from the yakitori specialties, to typical izakaya dishes, to sushi rolls, to personal-size hot pots, etc.  Everything was good!  I like this place better than Shinsengumi because there’s more variety at Ojiya, and the prices are more reasonable.  There’s also a daily specials menu (yes, those of you who noticed the date, I know I’m behind on the restaurant posts  :p) :
Seared albacore sushi
Salmon nigiri
Rainbow roll
Beef tongue – unlike other places, it’s a thicker cut at Ojiya.  More beef flavor… mmm…
Crab salad – pretty refreshing  $5.95
Chicken skewers
Pork, shitake mushroom, eggplant and okra skewers
Fried calamari.  My bro, the calamari expert, said this was pretty good.
One of my favorites here – oyster hot pot!  The broth is full of seafood flavor and there’s a decent amount of oysters and vegetables in the pot.  I would be happy to just order this.  $12.95
Tempura udon.  The big plate of tempura comes on the side, light and crispy.  Yum!  $11.80
Caterpillar roll – I heard this was pretty good
Grilled squid – yes, it’s the whole squid.  Charred on the outside but still tender.  Makes good beer food!
The yaki onigiri is also pretty good.  Beware, they’re pretty sizable portions.  $2.50 each
We ordered a lot of sushi and yakitori.  Between the 7 of us, I think total bill came out to around $250 including tip, so pretty good for a yakitori place.

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