Sushi making @ Nobu LA

A few months ago I went to a sushi-making class at Nobu in West Hollywood.  Not sure how often Nobu has it, but it was one of the featured deals on Bloomspot premium.  I’ve always wanted to try Nobu but haven’t had the chance, so I figured the sushi-making class would be as good of a way as any to try the food.  The class was really good – we met the head sushi chef, who taught us all about basic sushi making.  We made rolls, hand rolls and sushi nigiri.  The manager was present during the class too, and explained the history behind the restaurant, all the while pouring sake for us through out the whole class.  I highly recommend it!

The chef and manager were gracious enough to allow us to take pictures/videos of the class, so I’m sharing two of the videos here.  Enjoy!  ^ ^

P.S. The key to making sushi is to have a bowl of ice water handy!  That way, the rice doesn’t stick to your hand.


How to make rolls



How to make hand-rolls 


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