235 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills

(310) 271-9910

I finally had the chance to try out Bouchon recently, to see what the hype is all about.  I still have to go back to try the famous fried chicken dinner nights – that’ll be one day soon!
Bouchon is in Beverly Hills, right next to Hotel Montage.  If you’re going for lunch, it’s 2 hours free parking.  Other wise, it’s $5 flat fee after 6pm.  It was a little confusing to get to the restaurant.  First you take an elevator from the parking garage to the ground level.  Then, walk across the courtyard, and take another elevator (next to the Bouchon Bakery), to get to the actual restaurant.
Bouchon hails itself as a French bistro, but it’s actually pretty fancy inside.  However, the restaurant does try to live up to the bistro-ness, by having menus that were unusual, with the daily specials listed on boards on the walls.
The menu
The freshly baked bread & excellent butter – compliments of the house
Pistachios also came with the bread
We selected a few starters.  This is the escargot – it’s a bit unusual from the normal presentation, since it’s escargot on puff pastry.  But it works! The escargot is red wine braised with garlic butter.  Yummmm…  $18
Another starter – salmon tartar with eggs and capers  This came with crouton bread.  We loved the colors, but it was a bit hard to scoop up the salmon and eggs, to spread it on the bread.  Great texture though!  $16.50
Duck salad – crispy duck skin with arugala and pear.  Pretty refreshing, although there’s not much duck skin. $16
Thon a la Nicoise – big eye tuna with new crop potatoes, lettuce and hard boiled egg.  The tuna was delish!  $38
Truite Amandine – Idaho trout with almonds    The trout was really fresh and the almonds greatly complimented the fish.  Mmm…$27.50
Gigot d’Agneau – roasted leg of lamb with crispy polenta and corn succotash.  I had a bite of this and thought it was only ok.  $33
No trip to a French bistro is complete without steak frites.  The steak was gooood!  $37
We also ordered dessert.  The lemon tart was really tangy!  But it was refreshing, to end the meal.  $9.50
The pot the creme didn’t look like much, but the taste blew us all away.  Rich creamy vanilla goodness, yum!  The accompanying cookies were good too.  $9

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