15460 S Western Ave
Ste 101
Gardena, CA 90247

(310) 327-8494


Mountain is a Korean diner, located in the same center as Furaibo and Boiling Point in Gardena. The original Mountain is in K-town, which I haven’t tried, and according to the Yelp reviews, is supposed to be very good. The one in Gardena offers a lot of selection, ranging from sahm-geh-tahng (whole chicken in soup), to soon tofu, to spicy rice cakes, seafood pancakes, etc. Parking is pretty easy in the plaza and there’s usually no wait at the restaurant. The waitresses there speak English; I even heard one of them speaking Japanese on my last visit! Mountain is a great choice if you’re craving Korean food in South Bay.


Mountain provides six different banchans when you order. There’s the usual kimchi, spicy radish and bean sprouts. There’s usually also a small pancake dish of some sort, sweet braised beef, and a marinated sweet radish. All of them are pretty good, in my opinion. The sweet braised beef definitely takes some getting used to though. It really is sweet!


Instructions on how to eat the sahm-geh-tahng


The sahm-geh-tahng is boiling hot when it arrives at the table. Be careful!!!


The chicken is stuffed with sticky rice, date and garlic. The garlic has been cooked down for so long that it just melts in your mouth! The chicken is really tender. The chicken and soup is not seasoned, so add salt and pepper to your liking. $10.65


Tukboki + goon mandoo – spicy rice cake with fried dumplings. The dumplings were crispy with lots of filling inside. The rice and fish cakes were spicy enough to get a good sweat going. Excellent beer chaser! $12.95


Kimchi jiggae – you can add this to the spicy rice cake + dumpling dish for an extra $2. Great kimchi flavor! Yep, it’s served in the same size bowl as soon tofu.


Soon tofu – I forgot which one my friend ordered, but she said it was pretty good. Around $8


Galbi dol-soht-bibimbob – bibimbob in a hot stone pot. When it arrives, just add in the red spicy sauce to your liking, stir then eat! This one was pretty good, with lots of veggies! $10.95

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