Wako Donkasu

2904 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

(213) 387-9256

I first heard about Wako Donkasu when my sister told me that there’s a place in LA, where you can grind up your own sesame sauce for the tonkatsu, just like in Japan.  So I couldn’t pass it up. Tonkatsu / donkasu is the Japanese / Korean word for fried pork chop.  Those of you who aren’t into pork, there’s also chicken cutlet, fish and steak (all of which are fried in the breaded batter).  There are two Wako Donkasu locations, both of which are downtown.  I’ve only been to the Olympic location and it was relatively easy to find parking.  The restaurant itself is able to accommodate large parties, and is nicely decorated inside.
The tonkatsu portions here are pretty big and juicy – just the way I like it!  And I like that you can grind up your own sesame to make your own sauce.  The more sesame the better for my tonkatsu!  Prices range from $10-12 for tonkatsu, and two dollars more for the combos.
The store front
Grind up your sesame first, in the mortar and pestle.  Add your desired amount of sesame
Then add in the tonkatsu sauce and mix!
The meal also comes with some banchan – spicy radish and jalapenos
The tonkatsu meal comes with miso soup, cabbage salad and rice  $9.95
The highlight – the tonkatsu is crunchy, juicy and there wasn’t too much breading.  Yum!  Especially with the sauce!
For those of you who are big eaters, the combo is the way to go!  The udon combo with the katsu is only $12.95!  It comes with the tonkatsu, 1 fried shrimp, potato croquette, and the huge bowl of udon.

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