Kotosh Peruvian


2408 Lomita Blvd
Lomita, CA 90717

(310) 257-1363




Kotosh is a bit of a fusion restaurant, but it’s not your average fusion restaurant. The restaurant serves Peruvian food and Japanese sushi with a Peruvian twist. Tucked in a little plaza, across from the popular Gaja okonomiyaki restaurant, it is very easy to miss. There is limited parking spots in the plaza – make sure you don’t park in the adjacent lots, otherwise you will be towed! If in doubt, check with the restaurant server.

The restaurant is separated into 2 parts: the front has the sushi bar and seats smaller parties; the back section seats 3 large tables/parties. Reservations are recommended! Sometimes you can find Kotosh deals on Restaurant.com , so check before you go and maybe save yourself some $$.

Now onto the food!


No trip to a Peruvian restaurant is complete without starting off with some ceviche! There’s 2 varieties to choose from: all fish ceviche or mixed seafood. This is the all fish version – the fish is marinated in fresh lime juice. Comes with roasted corn, hominy and sweet potato. Nice and tangy! $13.50


This is also a must order – spicy tuna salad. The name is a little misleading, as it’s only the tuna that’s actually spicy. The assorted lettuce is tossed with spicy tuna, masago and sesame/ponzu sauce. $14.25 for the large size.


The papa rellena is also pretty good. This is 2 orders – it’s mashed potato stuffed with seasoned ground beef and onions. Crispy on the outside, yet nice moist potato texture with the filling inside. Mmmm… Only available Fri – Sun! $3.95 per order.


We also tried the fish chowder during our last visit. There’s also a shrimp version. It’s a creamy concoction of fish, corn, egg and rice, with a bit of saffron. Yummy! One order was enough to split among the 7 of us. $12.25


The Peruvian standard dish – lomo saltado. Stir-fried beef with tomatoes, onions and french fries, served with rice. Your choice of chicken, beef, fish or mixed seafood. We usually order the beef version. The other dishes easily outshines this one. For great lomo saltado, look to El Rocoto in Gardena or Marios in Mid-Wilshire! $11


Chicharron mixto al ajo – fried seafood (shrimp, squid, fish) in special garlic sauce, served with rice. The seafood coated with the sauce is so tasty! $15.25


Acebichado roll – one of Kotosh’s special menu items, it has shrimp tempura, crab mix, cucumber and avocado, wrapped with halibut and topped with special ceviche sauce. The sauce is a spicy creamy sauce, which goes really well with the sushi. You’ve never had sushi like this! $12.75


Macchu Picchu Roll – shrimp tempura and avocado topped with tuna and special spicy mayonnaise sauce . This rolls is also really good, especially for tuna lovers! $13.25


Halekulani Special – tuna, salmon and avocado, topped with spicy masago. For people who are not fans of shrimp tempura, this is a great choice! $12


Food portions are pretty generous. Between the 7 of us, we still had plenty of left-overs!

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