[Seoul, Korea] Gyeongbokgung BBQ 景福宮韓式烤肉

Mareunnae-ro 88-5, Seoul, Korea

서울시 중구 저동2가 88-5

Open hours:10am-4pm,5pm-10pm

Directions:  Line 4 to Myeongdong station, Exit 6. Turn left and keep walking until you see Myeongdong Theater at your left corner, then turn right at that street.  Keep walking, past Myeongdong Cathedral and a big street.  The restaurant will be on your right.  About a 15 minute walk from exit 6.



Don’t be fooled by the name of the restaurant – it’s actually located in Myeongdong which is not close by Gyeongbokgung Palace.  This restaurant is quite popular with tourists, I read so many reviews before I went there, but wasn’t expecting much since I’ve had my share of Korean BBQ in LA.  This place is well known for its Korean beef (hanu) but also has other meats like pork, chicken etc.  The quality of the meat is actually really good, I highly recommend it if you’re in Myeongdong.


Outside of the restaurant


The menu is in multiple languages and will indicate the price per portion.  I ordered the Korean rib-eye, which was W 38K for a 1 person portion (approx US $38).  Hanu is pretty expensive so expect to shell out $$ wherever you go.


The 1 person portion comes in 2 steaks.  The marbling is so nice on the meat!  It was melt in the mouth goodness!!!  The server grilled it to just medium on the meat, still a little pink in the middle, perfect!


Real coal is used for the grill.  The server will grill and cut up the meats for you, no work needed on your part except to eat!


So many side dishes come with the bbq… they were all yum!


More side dishes, including the steamed egg and kimchi jiggae (stew).  The kimchi jiggae was really good!


Kimchi pancake also came as a side dish.  It was crispy, not too spicy and had tons of kimchi flavor.  Mmmm…


What also sets this restaurant apart is the amount and variety of veggies they provide, to wrap up your grilled meats with – there was the regular lettuce, shiso leaf, wasabi leaf, and other leafy greens.  All of them went really well with the grilled meat.


The meal ends with a cup of refreshing ice plum tea!


Coupon: there is a coupon available on this Japanese website http://www.seoulnavi.com/food/905.  I used it and it works!  10% off on beef and 5% off on pork.

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