[Taichung, Taiwan] Wangta Ricecake 王塔米糕

Address:  台中縣清水區中興街30-1號

Hours:  9am – 8:30pm


Review from TTNews (in Mandarin):  http://0426223299.tw.tranews.com/


My uncle introduced me to this place during my last visit to Taiwan.  He had found out about it online.  This place has been around for over 70 years so it’s pretty famous around the area.  There is also a parking lot adjacent to the restaurant, which is pretty convenient.  It’s a great place for cheap and tasty Taiwanese eats.  After eating here, you can also walk to 85 Degrees and a great almond pastry shop around the corner!

For those of you who live in Taiwan, this restaurant also does island-wide delivery 全台宅配。


You can find a big billboard on the side of the restaurant.  Over 70 years of history!


The menu can be found overhead as you walk into the restaurant.  The choices include dry and soupy noodles, the famous rice cake, various soups, and veggies.  They’re all really reasonably priced!


The famous rice cake.  It’s more like a rice tamale (without the leaves) covered with a light gravy and cilantro.  The rice cake contains braised pork, a few dried oysters and dried shrimps.  The rice itself is really flavorful and chewy.  I never had rice cake with gravy like this before… it was pretty good!  NTD 30 for the rice cake and NTD 10 for the stewed egg (USD approx $1.30).


Boiled veggies are not so plain here — it’s topped with stewed pork/red scallion which gives it a really rich flavor.  Yum!  NTD 30 (approx USD $1)


We also ordered a few of their soups – the ‘golden needle’ pork sparerib soup 金針排骨湯 and the meat nugget soup 肉羹湯, which I think is made from pork。Both have excellent flavors but are light enough to offset the heaviness of the ricecake.  NTD 35 for the ‘golden needle’ pork sparerib soup 金針排骨湯 and NTD 30 for the meat nugget soup 肉羹湯.


Close up of the meat nugget soup 肉羹湯.  There’s quite a bit of meat in every bowl!  There’s also shredded radish in the soup.


This item is called the oil tofu 油豆腐 on the menu, so I thought it’d just be the yellow tofu.  Little did I know it comes stuffed with meat and is covered with a light sauce.  Highly recommend!  NTD 35

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