[Lugang, Taiwan] Wangwang Noodle Soup 王罔麵線糊

Address:  彰化縣鹿港鎮大明路39號 

Hours: Mon – Sun: 5:30 am – 6:30 pm


They also have a Facebook page!  For those of you in Taiwan, 王罔麵線糊 also does delivery 宅配!  See their FB page for more details.


This street vendor holds a lot of childhood memories.  Lugang is pretty close to my hometown, so we used to go quite a lot when I was growing up in Taiwan.  Nowadays, whenever I go back to visit Taiwan, I usually make a stop to the childhood favorites.  Wangwang Noodles only sell one thing:  the noodle soup 麵線糊.  According to their Facebook page, Wangwang Noodle Soup has been around since 1928!  This is a locals joint, but I’ve noticed quite a lot of out-of-towners on my recent visits.  A lot of the locals eat this for breakfast, which explains the early opening hours.  Give it a try when you’re in Lugang!  Even though closing time is 6:30pm, the shop does tend to close early once they sell out.  The noodle soup shop is located in the Lugang market, which also has other good eats to check out!  🙂


Always full of customers.  Even with the old decor, the customers don’t stop coming!  Even after 70+ years, the food stays consistent and tastes the same!


The homemade chili sauce.  Just a small spoonful will add lots of kick to your noodle soup!


The noodle soup 麵線糊!  Vermicelli noodles in a thick broth, covered with a few cilantro leafs.  In the soup, there’s also egg flower, dried shrimp and pork nuggets in the soup.  After swirling some black vinegar into the soup (and maybe some of the homemade chili sauce), it’s ready to eat!  The vermicelli noodles are so soft and the pork nuggets provide a nice meaty texture to the noodle soup.  Yum yum!  NTD 25 per bowl (less than USD $1)

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