[Hsihu, Taiwan] A-Ming Lamb Pot 溪湖-阿明羊肉爐

Address:  彰化縣 溪湖鎮 員鹿路二段 416號

Hours:  9am – 11pm


Restaurant website:  http://www.a-ming.com.tw/

Other reviews (in Mandarin):  http://cafuca2.pixnet.net/blog/post/14318255-冬



From the times that I grew up in Taiwan, and the times I’ve visited since then, I don’t think I’ve ever had lamb pot until my last trip.  We were around the Hsihu area and my uncle recommended that we try the lamb pot, which is a specialty of the Hsihu area.  A-Ming’s has been around for at least 60 years, so we were really looking forward to try it.

Apprently A-Ming’s is pretty well known, and has already had an interview or two in the news…


Once you walk in the restaurant, you’re greeted by all sorts of lamb parts.  Quite daunting!  There’s lamb skin, lamb tendons, lamb bones, etc.


Besides the lamb pots, you can also order all sorts of lamb dishes.  The hot stir-fry items include lamb intestines, lamb testicles (yikes!), lamb heart, lamb kidneys, or just plain lamb meat.  There’s also boiled meat options like boiled lamb meat, boiled lamb leg, boiled lamb tail… NTD 200 (approx USD 7) for a small dish and NTD 300 (~USD $10) for a large dish.


The lamb pot comes in a large pot, and already has lots of lamb meat in it – you get to choose between lamb meat with the skin on or without the skin.  There’s also options to add in extra meat and/or other lamb parts.  The soup base is traditional chinese medicinal herbs that has been cooked for hours.  Lamb pot is a winter delicacy – eating it is supposed to rejuvenate you against the cold winter.  Each order of the lamb pot is NTD 500 (~USD $17).  This is a 2 order pot – the waitress had told us it would be enough for our party of 7.


Assorted veggies (cabbage and radish) also came with the lamb pot.  So just throw them all in once the lamb pot arrives.  All of the seating are round tables, so it’s easy for everyone to reach for the food!


The lamb pot with everything thrown in.  It looked and smelled so good!


We also ordered noodles on the side (乾麵線) since the lamb  doesn’t come with rice.  The noodles tasted hand-made and was really good with the soup.  Each order of the noodle is NTD 30 (~USD $1)… this is 5 orders.


The lamb pot we ordered had lamb meat with the skin.  The lamb meat was tender and flavorful.  The soup base was a combination of the sweetness of the goji berries (枸杞), the richness of the herbs and the aroma of the rice wine.  There’s no gaminess on the lamb at all… I think the herbs must take away the gaminess. Yummy!


We also ordered the stir-fried mixed lamb intestines (熱炒羊雜).  It was stir-fried with basil, garlic and green onions.  Really flavorful and a great dish to go with beer!

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