Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden

1618 Cravens Ave
Torrance, CA 90510

(310) 328-1323




I’ve heard lots of good things about Ichimi Ann – it’s one of the few places in LA which makes and serves fresh soba and udon.  According to Ichimi Ann’s website, the buckwheat and flour for the noodles are imported from Japan, and the noodles are made daily.  Ichimi Ann is a fairly small restaurant, with only a few tables.  Thankfully, service is fast so the wait for a table is not long.  It’s easy to find street parking in the area.  Ichimi Ann is CASH ONLY though, so make sure you come prepared!


From the restaurant’s official website, it looks like they also have a location in Rolling Hills, which specializes in tempura.  So I’ll give that a try soon!


There is no English sign for the restaurant, so here’s the signage to help you out  🙂


The menu – prices include tax.  Besides soba and udon noodles, Ichimi Ann also has different rice bowls (curry, unagi, chicken, etc).  Place and pay for your order first, before seating.  The server will then bring your order to your seat.


Besides table seating, there is also counter seating along the sides.  Condiments include soy sauce and shichimi seasoning (7-spices).  Water, ice barley tea and extra soba sauce are all self-serve near the cash register.


The una-toro soba (#20).  Soba noodles in hot broth, topped with grilled eel (unagi) and grated mountain yam.  The texture was really interesting – the soft soba noodles combined eaten with a bite of the rich unagi… and the mountain yam kind of melds the flavors together.  So good!  For those of you who have not tried mountain yam before, it’s a bit gooey and bland.  Ichimi Ann’s soba is lighter in color, compared to the soba that you buy at the stores.  The soba broth is light but has enough flavor.  Just a note – portion wise, it’s a bit small, so consider one of the rice dishes along with this!  $11.40


Kakiage soba (#11) – soba noodles in hot broth, topped with a fried shrimp, onions, seaweed and scallions.  I heard this was also pretty good, but again, portion size is a bit small.  $8.75


The noodles are served with red pickled cucumber.  It’s crunchy and a bit salty, typical of Japanese pickled vegetables.


Loved the soba noodles here.  Will be back to try the udon and rice dishes next!

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