Seafood Village 避風塘

684 W Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754

(626) 289-0088


Seafood Village is a great place to host large gatherings.  It’s authentic Chinese food, and everything is served family style.  I’ve been going to this restaurant a few years now, and quality has always been consistent and portions are generous.  I’ve only been during dinner times, but I’ve heard the lunch specials are quite good as well.  There is a parking lot for the restaurant and I have not had any problems parking in the lot.  But in case the lot is full, there should be plenty of street parking around the area.


In addition to the menus at the table, there are pictures of the popular dishes plastered along the walls of the restaurant.  So, it gives you a better idea of what to order – just point at the pictures!  🙂  There is a good selection of live seafood, you can scope them out at the tanks.  If you are going to order live seafood, make sure to check the prices with the waiter – most of the seafood is charged by the pound. White rice is provided, and is automatically added to your tab at $1 per person.  Tea service is complimentary and the servers come quite frequently to refill the hot tea.


Here’s what we ordered from our recent dinner – just enough for a party of 7:


Stewed peanuts are served as a complimentary appetizer.    But the peanuts this time were not stewed long enough… it was still a little hard.


The house special crab – 避風塘炒蟹.  The crab is charged by the pound.  The crab is first deep fried, then stir-fried with garlic and scallions.  Yummy!  It just takes a little patience to get all of the crab meat out.  The crab is based on market price – crab season is starting, so it was $5.99 a pound last weekend and this was 3 pounds of crab.


Stir-fried pea sprouts in garlic 大豆苗.  The pea sprouts were really fresh and flavorful.  $12.99


Seafood Village also has its own version of the lettuce wrap, with ground chicken 避風塘雞鬆.  They gave us like half a head of lettuce to wrap all this chicken!  Not bad at all.  $10.99


Stewed duck with tofu and peanuts this is half an order – 滷水鴨豆腐.  The duck and tofu was stewed pretty well, but again the peanuts didn’t seem like they were stewed long enough. $12.99


Lamb pot 雙冬羊腩煲 -lots of lamb meat with shitake mushrooms and tofu skin in the pot.  Perfect for winter!  $13.99


Double-cooked fish 剝皮牛魚 – the fish slices are fried, then cooked in a sauce with red peppers, celery and onions.  The fish meat is really firm, and tasted great with the sauce.  $14.99


Seafood Village also has traditional Chinese desserts.  This is the white wood-ear with gingko nuts and taro 白果芋泥.  The taro is so smooth and tasty!  $6.99


After the meal is finished, the restaurant also serves everyone with a bowl of red bean soup with clear tapioca 紅豆西米露。

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