Ko Ryo Jung Korean BBQ 高麗亭

1585 W Sepulveda Blvd
Ste N
Torrance, CA 90501

(310) 530-0025



Ko Ryo Jung is an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant in Torrance.  It’s located in the same strip mall as BCD Tofu House.  A friend had recommended this place for our gathering, but based on the Yelp ratings, I wasn’t expecting much.  However, I was pleasantly surprised, so don’t be fooled by the 3 star Yelp ratings!  It turned out to be one of the best Korean BBQs I’ve had in South Bay – I liked it better than Moon or Star BBQ.  Meat quality is good, there are a lot of side dishes to choose from, and even ice cream is included!!!  Parking is pretty easy to find, since it’s located in a large strip mall.  Service can be a little slow, so make sure you order a lot at once!  ^ ^


There is really no visible sign of the name of the restaurant in English, so just look for the “All You Can Eat” sign near one end of the strip mall!


The menu is pretty simple and has pictures of all that you can order.  I like how it’s in both Korean and English.  There are 2 all-you-can-eat options:  $17.99 and $22.99.  You get more premium meats and seafood with the more expensive option.  We went with the $17.99 option.


Ko Ryo Jung provides an assortment of side dishes, all of which are pretty good, ranging from the normal Korean kimchi, marinated bean sprouts, spicy pickled radish, salted veggies, potato salad, etc.  Ko Ryo Jung also provides pickled radish slices (pink and green) and rice paper for wrapping your cooked meats!


Condiments:  in addition to the normal sesame/salt sauce and the soy sauce with jalapenos, you can also request for the Korean soybean sauce (doenjang) and raw garlic & jalapenos.


Tofu stew is also included in the meal.  Pretty good flavor and not too spicy


Steamed egg – cooked with bits of scallions.  This was a little bland, so eat it with some sauce!


Bibimbap – this was pretty good and is included in the $17.99 AYCE


Black angus prime beef brisket  – the meat was really fresh and tasty!


Kobe beef short plate – this was also pretty good, it’s thicker sliced than the brisket.


Black angus marinated beef chuck flat – this was well marinated and the meat was tender!


Beef tongue – these were rather large slices, compared to other Korean BBQ joints.


Baby octopus – I didn’t try this but heard they were good


Assorted vegetables – just leave them on the grill until the kabocha squash has softened


The grill!  The server will come periodically to switch out the grill… you can request it too.  My favorite meat was the pork collar butt (on the left) – fresh and juicy, with the right amount of fattiness, hot off the grill!


The meal ends with ice cream!  And yes, you can request for seconds… it’s AYCE after all!!!  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Ko Ryo Jung Korean BBQ 高麗亭

  1. hong-mi Lee April 25, 2014 at 5:54 am Reply

    love ky ryo jung korean bbq!!!

    • wanderfoodie April 29, 2014 at 8:57 pm Reply

      Me too! 🙂

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