Sanuki no Sato

18206 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90248

(310) 324-9184


This place has been on my “To-Eat” list for a while now, since it has a lot of good reviews on Yelp.  Coincidentally, my boss had mentioned that she had good noodles around the area but couldn’t recall the name.  By my powers of deduction, I figured it must be Sanuki no Sato.  So off we went on a weekday for lunch.


The restaurant is in the same shopping center as Asa Ramen and Bonjour Bakery (both are really great btw), so parking can be a little tough at times.  The restaurant itself is pretty big, and has a few private rooms for large parties.  It was quite busy during lunch time but we didn’t have to wait.  Sanuki no Sato is well known for its noodles, so half of the menu is dedicated to hot and cold noodles.


The store front


The menu


Iced barley tea is served in place of water.  Mmmm…


Calamari salad is also on the lunch menu.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect… but it really is fried calamari on a salad. The calamari was light and crispy.  The dressing on the side was awesome – it was a wasabi in a ponzu/tangy type of sauce.  Yum!  $7


Nabeyaki udon was huge and did not disappoint.  It was loaded with veggies, seaweed, fishcake slices, egg, chicken and 2 large shrimp tempura on top.  The udon itself was soft and chewy.  The broth was light but flavorful.  Nabeyaki udon basically means udon in a hot iron pot, so the noodles and soup remains hot/warm for a while.  Sanuki no Sato’s version was really good… although I could’ve done without the chicken – just too many toppings!  $14


Kakiage udon – shrimp and burdock tempura fritters.  Two of the fritters come in an order.  The udon bowl is loaded with scallions/ green onions.  The kakiage itself was excellent – the natural flavors of the burdock and shrimp really shine through.  It was also light and crispy.  My boss loved it!  $12


I’ll be back to try some other noodle dishes!

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