Lawry’s The Prime Rib – DineLA

100 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(310) 652-2827


DineLA restaurant week is always a great time to try out restaurants.  I remember going to Lawry’s a few years back and had a great experience there, but it was pricey.  Their DineLA dinner menu looks awesome this time, and is a great value compared to the normal menu so it gave me even more reason to go back.


Lawry’s can seat up to 500 (yes it’s one big place), but it can get crowded.  So make sure to make a reservation!  Also, I think it’s valet only for parking ($6).  Once you’re in the restaurant, you most likely have to wait  5 – 10 minutes while they seat the parties who’ve arrived ahead of you.  But never fear – in anticipation of hungry diners, Lawry’s has a waiting/welcoming lounge with complimentary meatballs and freshly fried potato chips.


Here’s the dineLA menu:


You get the idea.  So here’s what we ordered:

The Original Spinning Bowl Salad – it is tossed table-side.  Watch as your server drizzles the dressing while the salad bowl spins!  The salad is very fresh and the dressing (kind of like a tangier and lighter version of thousand island) is delicious.


Complimentary bread is freshly baked – crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  The way bread should be!


Yorkshire pudding – it comes with the meal and is great to soak up the au jus from the prime rib.  Mmmm…


2 types of horseradish to accompany the prime rib:  regular horseradish and whipped cream horseradish.  The whipped cream version is a lot milder.  Both are really great with the prime rib!  Btw – horseradish is like wasabi, just not green…


The star of the meal:  prime rib!  The meat cart is rolled to your table, choose the doneness of the meat and the meat is sliced table-side.  Mine was done medium.  Besides the mashed potatoes, you can choose another side (creamed spinach, creamed corn or  buttered peas).  The prime rib is melt-in-the-mouth delicious!  All of the sides were really great as well.


Broiled Nova Scotia lobster tail – the lobster meat was a bit too salty.  Other than that, it was ok.  Prime rib is definitely the winner.


You can choose any dessert from Lawry’s regular dessert menu, as part of the dineLA promotion.  This is the warm chocolate fantasy cake with Haagen-Daz vanilla ice cream.  The cake is warm and oozing of chocolate.  It’s perfectly balanced with the vanilla ice cream.  Rich but not too sweet.  Even though we were so full, we had to make room for this!


NY style cheesecake with brandied cherries. The cheesecake was good but the warm chocolate cake definitely stole the show.


I can’t wait for the next dineLA to go back to Lawry’s!

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