[Segovia, Spain] Casares Restaurante

Calle Isabel la Catolica, 1

40001 Segovia, Spain







Segovia is a quaint village, just 30 minutes away from Madrid on the high-speed rail AVE.  It’s a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO, with the Roman Aqueduct and the Alcazar castle being the must-sees.  That being said, what initially attracted us to visit, was the cochinillo or the roasted suckling pig.  The cochinillo, supposedly, is what sets Segovia on the foodie map.  Our time at Segovia was only half a day (our train departed at 2pm), and we were planning to lunch at Jose Maria.  We didn’t realize that Jose Maria doesn’t serve lunch until 1pm, which meant we wouldn’t have enough time to catch our train.  So, off we went to find another alternate restaurant for cochinillo.  We were glad to happen upon Casares.  It’s literally right smack in the middle of the town, right next to Plaza Mayor, a few steps from Jose Maria.


The front of the restaurant


The menu.  We opted for the Menu Traditional Segovia, a 3 course meal, which has the roasted suckling pig for EUR 23.50.  We ordered 2 of the Menu Traditionals for 4 people and the portions were more than enough!


The bread was really crusty.  But once you get past the hard crunchy shell, the inside of the bread was soft.


Salad of Segovian vegetables – this barely had any dressing, but the vegetables were so fresh and full of natural flavor that dressing is not really needed anyway.  I wish we had gotten more of this!  We all loved it.


Castilian garlic soup – we’re not really sure what’s in the soup.  It didn’t taste all that garlicky.  None of us were fond of it.



Each of us got a plate of the cochinillo.  The restaurant was gracious enough to split the 2 menus into 4 portions.  The skin was so crunchy and crispy, while the meat was so juicy and tender.  The cochinillo was succulent, full with pork flavor.  By luck of the draw, I was served with the leg — that was a big hunk of meat!  The potatoes were really yummy; dip them in the au jus.  2 out of the 4 of us thought this was the best meal on our Spain/Europe trip.


Sponge cake typical of Segovia — since we had to catch our train back to Madrid, we did not have time for dessert.  So the restaurant packaged them for us in the to-go containers.  I’m not sure if Segovian sponge cakes are typically THAT sweet, but the one from Casares definitely was way too sweet for any of us.  Next time, I think I’ll play it safe and get the more “safe” desserts.

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