[Prague, Czech Republic] U Medvidku

Na Perstynu 7

Prague, Czech Republic (Praha 1)



Restaurant’s website:  http://www.umedvidku.cz/

Trip Advisor reviews:  http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g274707-d1118159-Reviews-U_Medvidku-Prague_Bohemia.html


A friend had recommended this place, when she learned that we were heading to Prague.  I also wanted to check it out because it was featured in one of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” episodes (season 6, episode 4 available on Amazon, free for prime members!).  It is one of the oldest breweries around the world, established in 1466.


The store front.  Seating is separated into smoking and non-smoking sections.


The non-smoking section upstairs.  The restaurant was pretty crowded, but most people were in the smoking section.



U Medviku is best known for 2 of their beers — Medvidek is a regular brew with the same recipe from 1466, the other is a darker brew called Blackgott.  Beer is so cheap in Prague that it costs less than water.  A small glass of beer at U Medviku is about USD $1!


The kegs, with the beer on tap.


I’m not much of a beer drinker, but figured since we’re already in the brewery, might as well try both!  Couldn’t really tell the color difference between the Medvidek and the Blackgott…  but both were good!  Icy cold and smooth.  No wonder this place has been around since 1466~~  This is the small or regular glass.


Anthony Bourdain recommended some of the traditional Czech dishes, so we tried this dish — homemade smoked pork neck, potato dumplings and spinach.  It was quite tasty, although the potato dumplings by itself was a little bland.  CZK 139 approx USD $7.


Mr. Breweres pork steak on beer with baked garlic and French fries.  The pork chop was juicy and delicious.  CZK 190 approx USD $9.50.


Sausages with “OLDGOTT“ semi-dark unfiltered beer from the minibrewery.  This was a fail — the sausages were cold (not even warm!) and was kinda blah with the sauce.  CZK 78 approx USD $4.

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