Mas’ Chinese Islamic Restaurant

601 E Orangethorpe Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801

(714) 446-9553


I’m sure many of you are going, “Huh?  What’s Chinese Islamic food?”  That’s how I was when some friends first suggested going to eat at Mas’ some years ago.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Since it is an Islamic restaurant, there is no pork on the menu.  That is rule number one — do not ask for pork dishes because there aren’t any.  Second thing to note:  everything is halal.  That means all of the food have been prepared according to Islamic law, which include a series of rituals before the meat was slaughtered.  Third — it really is a Chinese restaurant and has all the typical dishes you’d expect, sans the pork.  The restaurant itself is huge, but it’s not a bad idea to make a reservation as it does tend to fill up quickly.  Be warned, portions are very generous, so it’s great for large parties.  We ALWAYS end up with lots of leftovers.  🙂  Now on with the food!


Once you see this signage, it’s time to turn into the parking lot~


Thick spring onion sesame bread 芝麻大餅.   You can choose from the thin or thick.  It’s a must-order item — you’ll see it almost at every table.  The portions are huge per order,  like a 12-14 in pizza.  The bread doesn’t look like much, but there is an abundance of flavor once you take a bite! $9.95


Green onion lamb 蔥爆羊肉.  People who love lamb will love this dish!  The green onions diminish the gaminess of the lamb and adds excellent flavor.  Yum!  White rice comes with the dishes.  $11.95


Three-flavored hand-cut noodles 三鮮炒刀削麵.  The noodles are handmade and a little thicker than normal noodles, therefore also a bit chewier.  It’s stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts and meat.  $10.95


Home-style roast chicken 道口燒雞.  You can choose between a half order or a whole order.  We ordered the half.  The chicken was decent, but not as flavorful or juicy as the one from Earthen.  Half order $7.95  whole chicken $14.50.


Lamb with pickled cabbage warm pot 酸菜羊肉砂鍋。Lots of lamb, pickled cabbage and clear noodles!  The broth is really refreshing since it has all that pickled cabbage.  The pot keeps the soup hot for a while. You can ask for free refills on the soup base.  I love it!  Regular pot (6-8 people) $14.50 and large pot (8 – 12 people) $17.95


Tofu omelette.  The egg omelette covers the tofu, in a very tasty soy-based sauce.   Yum!


Between the five of us and the dishes ordered above, we still had half of it to take home.  That’s how big the portions are.  The food is still sooo good the next day!

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