[Reno] Sushi Pier

1290 E Plumb Ln
Reno, NV 89502

(775) 825-6776




One of the things I look forward to most, whenever I’m in Reno, is eating at Sushi Pier.  For some reason, Reno has an abundance of all-you-can-eat sushi joints; they’re literally all over town!  I discovered this place a few years ago, from Yelp, and have visited a handful of times ever since.  Every time, food has been consistent and service has been really friendly.  It’s actually a very decent sushi joint.   I wish we had one in LA!!!

Sushi Pier is located about a stone’s throw away from the Reno/Tahoe Airport.  So it’s perfect for after a flight or before you get on one.  It’s located in the same plaza as Costco, which means there’s plenty of parking.  This year, Costco also started selling Sushi Pier gift certificates, $80 for $100 value I think, so it’s even a better value dining at Sushi Pier.  Not that it’s expensive to begin with:  lunch (with a limited menu but still AYCE) will set you back $17 and dinner is a very reasonable $23.  The prices that you see next to each menu item, is if you forgo the AYCE option and want to order a-la-carte or to-go.  I don’t think Sushi Pier takes reservations, so typical wait during weekend dinnertimes is 30 minutes to an hour.

My tip is to sit at the sushi bar – you are assigned to a sushi chef who will take care of your meal.  Service is faster, plus your orders will be made as you order.  So take your time, order a few nigiris or hand-rolls, decide on your next sushi orders, then eat some more!  I love it!  You can find the menu here, from the restaurant’s website.

Here are my sushi orders from a recent trip:

My sushi chef behind the counter of fresh fish.


The mussels appetizer – it was good but the sauce was a little too heavy for me.  The red drop is Sriracha sauce, so those of you who don’t do spicy, consider yourselves warned.


Salmon and maguro (tuna) nigiri


Squid, striped bass and seared tuna nigiri


Spider roll – yes, it’s included in the AYCE dinner menu


Customized salmon skin with octopus hand-roll.  Yummy!  If you’re nice to your sushi chef, they can basically make you whatever you’d like to order, as long as they have the ingredients.  Awesome!  Make sure to tip them well.


Topped it off with Happy Ending – tempura-fried banana with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  And yes, before you ask, dessert is also included as part of the AYCE menu.  The fried bananas were just ok, next time I’ll try a different dessert (if I still have room after all that sushi!)


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