[Vancouver, Canada] Richmond Night Market

8351 River Road
Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4
Nearest metro:  Bridgeport station on the Canada Line, about a 10 minute walk
Hours:  mid-May through mid-October, Fridays through Sundays and holidays, 7pm to 11pm (Sun) and to 12am (Fri and Sat)

Official site: http://www.richmondnightmarket.com/

Yelp:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/richmond-night-market-richmond-3


Somehow, during my research for things to do in Vancouver, I stumbled upon the fact that there are night markets during the summers in Vancouver.  Legit Asian-styled night markets at that.  And not only one… I think there are 2 or 3, all around the Richmond area.  And since our hotel was literally next door to the biggest one, it was a no brainer.

This night market really puts the 626 Night Market to shame.  It is open during the weekends for the WHOLE summer!  Admission is only CAD $2.25 and there are about 100 food vendors, all serving different kinds of food.  Most of the food is reasonably priced, and even though there are tons of people around, waiting for food is surprisingly not too long (maybe 15 – 20 minutes).  Not only is there a large food area, there’s also an area for carnival games, and for vendors that just sells stuff (cell phone cases, cute phone cases, art, socks, etc).  There are places to sit/stand for eating, the stalls are inspected by the health department and it was pretty clean, even with the crowd.

Here are some of the offerings and what we tried:

There were a few squid vendors.  Some sold whole squid, some sold just the tentacles… and I think I saw one that had fried squid!


Yes, there’s even ramen at the Night Market!  There were a couple of noodle stands, like ramen, udon, soba, etc.


There are also quite a few vendors that sell grilled meats, although there was only one that sold whole grilled fish.  It looked and smelled so good, but unfortunately no room in the stomach!  CAD $10 – $15 for a whole fish


Even dim sum is served up fresh at the Night Market!  I saw a few of the dim sum vendors around and they all looked so good~~


Slavic rolls!  I saw these desserts when I was in Prague, had no idea that they can be found outside of Eastern Europe!


And of course there are Taiwanese night market favorites, like the fried chicken filet and popcorn chicken~


The night market is not just about Asian food, traditional fair food can be found too, like the smoked turkey legs!  Comes in 2 sizes, large and XL!


I didn’t think I can get fresh squeezed sugar cane juice in North America.  Guess I was wrong!  This was a pretty good substitute, of course it cannot beat the ones in Asia!  I think it was CAD 4.50 for a regular size and CAD 6 for a large.


The German roasted pork leg 德國豬腳 had a really long line, and smelled so divine that we just had to give it a try!  The vendor cuts it up into bite-sized pieces and serves it on a platter.  The pork was really juicy, but the skin was toughened/hardened from roasting too long.  Still pretty good ~~  CAD $13


Korean bento-box from the Korean vendor.  Choose any 3 items for CAD 10.  Portions were generous and the food was delicious!  The rice cakes were spicy but not overly spicy. The chapchae was tasty with a peppery tone.  Yum!


The tofu pudding from this vendor was sooo good!  We got it with taro and you add in the sweetener yourself.  Very authentically Taiwanese.  I wish they had this vendor in LA!  CAD 4.50


We were eating and heard people next to us raving about the “sandwich wrap” that they just tried, so we were tempted to check it out.  It’s genius what this vendor is selling — they took a Taiwanese-styled onion pancake, and used that as the “wrap”.  I wasn’t adventurous enough to try the more fusion types of wraps, like ham & cheese, curry chicken and kimchi beef.  I chose a more Taiwanese flavored one, the egg and dried pork.  OMG, it was super delicious!  The onion pancake is flavorful, crispy on the outside, but moist and flaky on the inside.  The filling went really well with the onion pancake. I’m still salivating at the thought of having one~~  CAD 6


There are tons of dessert to choose from at the night market.  We chose the one with the longest line, which happened to be serving this:  fresh mango  shaved ice, topped with ice cream!!!  It is a rather large portion, more than enough for 2 people to share.  The fresh mango was really sweet.  That combined with the shaved ice and ice cream is really refreshing.  Mmmm…. CAD 5.75


Tip: go early to avoid the lines.  8pm – 9pm is VERY crowded!  Also, since there are lots of food vendors, it’s best to walk around once, to check out all of the offerings, before making your selection(s).  Otherwise, you’ll regret that your stomach is only so big.


Have lots of fun at the Night Market!!!

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