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[Vienna, Austria] Nordsee

Kärntner Straße 25

1010 Wien, Austria ‎


Nordsee is a fast-food chain specializing in seafood.  There are a few of them in Vienna, but mostly are in Germany.  The one we went to was in the Neuer Markt.  Even though Vienna is not near the ocean, the seafood was surprisingly fresh and delicious, not to mention very reasonable!  Service was fast and friendly.


The restaurant’s sign.


There are a lot of different seafood salads to choose from.  You can either dine in or buy them to-go, and is sold by weight.


Assorted seafood sandwiches too.  The price is in Euros per sandwich.


Dine-in options include baked seafood.  Portions are pretty generous.  This was the baked cod covered with mushroom sauce, with potatoes and steamed veggies.  The baked cod was so good!  This was about EUR 10 (approx USD $13).


Fish chowder was pretty good too and comes with bread. About EUR 3.


I think the special of the month was the shrimp caprese sandwich which was very refreshing.  I will have to try to make this!  EUR 4.

[Vienna, Austria] Gerstner

Karntner Strasse 13 – 15,

Vienna 1010, Austria (Innere Stadt)


Just about a 2 blocks walk from Stefanplatz or better known as St. Stephen’s Cathedral in central Vienna.


I’m not sure how I heard about Gerstner.  We were strolling along Karntner Strasse, on our way to Naschmarkt when I saw the store front.  The signage looked familiar, as did the name, so I asked my friends to stop in with me.  Come to find out, Gerstner’s was an imperial confectioner back in the 1800s.  Nowadays, Gerstner continues to make chocolates but also makes delectable desserts.  It’s a must when visiting Vienna!

You can either purchase the goodies to go, or wait for a table in the cafe.  Seating is limited, so we didn’t have much luck on both our visits there (yes, it’s that good!).  Light meals, ice cream/ sundaes, and coffee are also served in the cafe.  The various desserts ranged from EUR 3 – EUR 5, and the macaroons were around EUR 1 each.


The store front.  Gerstner has been around since 1847.


Assorted chocolates


The mouth-watering desserts


Strawberry eclair and chocolate cake.  The strawberry flavor on the eclair tasted similar to strawberry Poki sticks.  The chocolate cake was really good – rich but not overly sweet.


One of my friends got the strawberry crepe, which was filled with fresh strawberries.  She almost didn’t want to share but we made her… haha


I really liked the macaroons (coffee and pistachio).  I think they were better than the ones from Laduree in Paris.


I think this was almost everyone’s favorite:  banana custard with passion fruit gelee.   The bottom layer is a chocolate mouse, which balanced really well with the banana custard.  The passion fruit gelee gave the rich banana custard a tangy edge to round out the flavors.  Yum!