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15460 S Western Ave
Ste 101
Gardena, CA 90247

(310) 327-8494


Mountain is a Korean diner, located in the same center as Furaibo and Boiling Point in Gardena. The original Mountain is in K-town, which I haven’t tried, and according to the Yelp reviews, is supposed to be very good. The one in Gardena offers a lot of selection, ranging from sahm-geh-tahng (whole chicken in soup), to soon tofu, to spicy rice cakes, seafood pancakes, etc. Parking is pretty easy in the plaza and there’s usually no wait at the restaurant. The waitresses there speak English; I even heard one of them speaking Japanese on my last visit! Mountain is a great choice if you’re craving Korean food in South Bay.


Mountain provides six different banchans when you order. There’s the usual kimchi, spicy radish and bean sprouts. There’s usually also a small pancake dish of some sort, sweet braised beef, and a marinated sweet radish. All of them are pretty good, in my opinion. The sweet braised beef definitely takes some getting used to though. It really is sweet!


Instructions on how to eat the sahm-geh-tahng


The sahm-geh-tahng is boiling hot when it arrives at the table. Be careful!!!


The chicken is stuffed with sticky rice, date and garlic. The garlic has been cooked down for so long that it just melts in your mouth! The chicken is really tender. The chicken and soup is not seasoned, so add salt and pepper to your liking. $10.65


Tukboki + goon mandoo – spicy rice cake with fried dumplings. The dumplings were crispy with lots of filling inside. The rice and fish cakes were spicy enough to get a good sweat going. Excellent beer chaser! $12.95


Kimchi jiggae – you can add this to the spicy rice cake + dumpling dish for an extra $2. Great kimchi flavor! Yep, it’s served in the same size bowl as soon tofu.


Soon tofu – I forgot which one my friend ordered, but she said it was pretty good. Around $8


Galbi dol-soht-bibimbob – bibimbob in a hot stone pot. When it arrives, just add in the red spicy sauce to your liking, stir then eat! This one was pretty good, with lots of veggies! $10.95


Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

4163 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Neighborhood: Koreatown

(213) 383-9499


I’ve been meaning to try this place ever since I’ve seen it on KJ’s food blog.  However, everytime I’m in K-town, I’m always lured away by K-BBQ or soon-tofu.  Finally, one day recently, I couldn’t think of anything to eat, so decided to pick a place from my “to try” Yelp list and voila!

The place is easy to miss – it’s located in a strip mall next to a Carl’s Jrs.  It was relatively easy to find street parking at the time that I went, there are meters all around.  The menu is simple – you get 2 choices, either beef soup or the boiled beef.  From then on, you choose which meat you want for your soup.  As it was my first time there, I didn’t want to be too adventurous, so I picked the brisket beef soup to be safe.  Next time I think I’ll try either the beef tongue or the mixed.  Not sure what boiled beef is actually…will have to ask one of my Korean friends.


The simple menu.  $8.28 per order = $9 after tax


Each order comes with rice and banchans (kimchi and spicy radish).  The kimchi and spicy radish are both really good!  Feel free to ask for refills!  🙂




The waiteress brings a tub of scallions with the beef soup, that you can add at your leisure.  Scoop as much as you want into the soup.  Really adds to the flavor.


The soup is bland and not seasoned, so make sure to season it with salt yourself! The broth is very mild, but tastes like it’s been stewed for hours. The meat is so tender! Such a great meal for cold winter days or when you’re not feeling well.


11267 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 477-6075



There are 2 Tofu-Yas, both in West LA.  One is located near Sawtelle & Olympic and the other is on the corner of Sawtelle and National.  It’s relatively close by work and one of our favorites.  Both offer similar menus although the one on National also has AYCE K-BBQ.  Parking is also hard to come by for both.  I like the one on National better since the restaurant is bigger, so there’s less of a line.  On the downside though, people are BBQ-ing their meat, so there’s a lot of smoke.

Tofu-Ya offers a lot of variety, the restaurant not only serves soon-tofu, there’s also seafood pancake, bibimbap, bulgogi on sizzling plate, etc.  Food is pretty decent and the banchans (side dishes) are good,  so no need to drive all the way to K-town! Please note though, the rice for the soon-tofu is served in a metal bowl, so you can’t make your own jook (rice porridge) afterwards.


One of my coworkers ordered the seafood pancake, which was really good.  I’m going to start ordering this from now on!  Even though it’s listed as an appetizer on the menu, the portion is pretty big. $10.95


The lunch combo is a good deal.  Soon tofu + dolsot bibimbap (bibimbap served in hot claypot) is $13.99.  If you just order the dolsot bibimbap a la carte, it’s $9.95.

Beef soon-tofu


Dolsot bibimbap – my favorite dish here!  The portion is also pretty generous for this one.  For those of you who like your rice to be a little crispy, wait a bit before you mix the ingredients.  🙂


Add the red sauce and mix. And voila!  The dolsot bibimbap is now ready to eat.

Oo-Kook Korean BBQ 牛国

3385 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 385-5665



There are so many all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ places to choose from in LA’s K-town.  They all used to be of decent quality, until the recession hit.  Nowadays, most AYCE K-BBQ places are still competitive.  However, since they didn’t raise prices, the quality of the meats have gone down.  Which is why Oo-Kook is a rare find.  For $24.99 per person, you get to choose from 13 premium meats. Even though the meats are really good, the banchans are nothing to write about – you even have to ask for kimchi!

Oo-Kook occupies 2 floors, so plenty of space for big parties.  However, they only take reservations up to 7pm, after that, it’s first come first serve.  $2 for valet in the restaurant’s parking lot – do it!  It’s safer than parking on the streets of K-town.  Oo-Kook is also open for lunch.

Here are the recommendations:



Black Angus beef short rib – not marinated


Beef tongue


Mushrooms and vegetables – oyster mushrooms, sweet potato and kabocha squash


Black Angus prime rib – unlike most K-BBQ places, they actually don’t limit you on this one!  And it’s super yummy!




Sizzling on the grill…