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Kate Mantilini

9101 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 278-3699


I’ve been to Kate Mantilini’s a few years ago for an alumni networking lunch and had a pretty good impression of the food.  But, since LA has so many diverse offerings, I haven’t been back until one of my friends said that she had a Groupon.  So, dinner was decided.  🙂

Surprisingly, there is ample street parking near Kate Mantilini’s.  The meters are free after 6pm.  However, for those of you squeamish about street parking, valet parking is also available. On the night that we dined, the restaurant was pretty packed, so reservations are recommended.  Service was very friendly and our waiter kept checking on us throughout our meal.  He  entertained us with the restaurant’s history, some new potential menu items and even let us sample some dessert!  It was quite a memorable meal.


Seafood linguini with pesto — this was one of the daily specials, so not sure how often they have this.  Since I still have a bit of shellfish allergy, I informed our waiter, who immediately said that it was not a problem.  He had the kitchen substitute the prawns with extra seafood!  There were lots of clams, salmon, mussels and squid.  The seafood was perfectly cooked and the pesto sauce was garlicky and flavorful.  Awesome!  $22


The hobo steak — is basically grilled meatloaf with sauteed kale and mashed potatoes.  The meatloaf tasted so good!  Our waiter even made us his secret hot sauce to accompany it.  Yum!  $18.50


Homemade lemon icebox pie — this was so good!  Light and tart~  $6.95


Our waiter treated us to this dessert – apple cobbler with cinnamon ice cream.  The warm apple cobbler had a vanilla sauce.  The cinnamon ice cream tasted like horchata.  Both were really tasty!  $8.50

Lala’s Argentine Grill

7229 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 934-6838


One of my friends has always raved about this place, especially the sangria,  So, for one of my birthday dinners, this is where we went!  🙂  Since Lala’s is located on Melrose, street parking is pretty difficult.  It was only after we got to the restaurant, that we found out valet was available.  So I’d definitely recommend the valet to save you street parking hassles (I believe it’s coins only and 2 hour limit in the immediate area).  The restaurant itself is pretty large, with inside and outside patio seating.  Since we had a large party, we went for the patio seating.  I think even without reservations, you’d be able to get seated fairly quickly.


The outside patio seating, perfect for large parties!


The bread was warm and chewy.


Chimichurri accompanied the bread and was the perfect dip.  Chimichurri is a typical Argentine sauce made of parsley, garlic, olive oil etc, so it is very flavorful.  It’s traditionally used with grilled meats, so try it on steak!


We got a pitcher of the white sangria, although it’s not exactly “white” in color.  There’s also the regular sangria.  The white sangria was not on the menu, but available upon request.  It was sweet and strong – delicious! I think 1 pitcher was $15.


Calamari came out in a very large platter, to our surprise.  It was very light and crispy, with marinara sauce on the side.  Yum!  $10.95


Large portions is the theme here, and the salad con salmon did not disappoint.  The salad arrived in a large platter, with a generous piece of perfectly cooked salmon.  The salmon is drizzled with dijon sauce, while the salad’s been tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.  It was a refreshing salad! $14.95


Bife encebollado – certified Angus Beef skirt steak topped with grilled onions, garlic & parsley.  Traditional Argentine steak.  Lots of great flavors, the steak was so tasty with the grilled onions, garlic and parsley.  Loved the mashed potatoes too!  $21.95


Entraña al ajo – certified Angus Beef skirt steak topped with sautéed garlic & parsley.  This is basically the one above, except without the grilled onions.  Don’t be fooled – the steak is a decent size — it’s just that Lala’s give out a very generous amount of mashed potatoes!  $19.95


Costilla – ribeye steak.  This one does not have any sauce, just a plain steak. But, it was very well cooked and you can really taste the meatiness!  Yum yum yum…. $18.95


We loved all of the dishes!  All of the steak was so good and satisfied all of the meat eaters in the group.  🙂  Service was prompt and friendly.  We’ll be back soon!  And next time we’ll valet.