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[Hawaii] The original Roy’s Restaurant

6600 Kalanianaole Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96825
I’ve tried a few Roy’s but never visited the original, which was started in 1988 in Hawaii.  One of my Hawaiian friends told me that the original Roy’s offers exclusive Hawaii menu items.  And I wanted to see the birth place of the chain.  So on my way back from Hanauma Bay, I stopped by for dinner.  Reservations are recommended as the restaurant fills up fast.
As usual, the servers bring a dish of seasoned edamame once you’re seated
Appetizer:  escargot.  Baked in pesto sauce, the escargot was succulent and flavorful. Already de-shelled, so you don’t have to worry about plucking! $13
About 10 escargots per order.  Use the bread to soak up the garlicky pesto sauce.  Yum!
Appetizer #2:  sizzling ahi poke – cubed tuna mixed with onion and seaweed in a soy-based sauce.  Eat it before the tuna becomes fully cooked! $15

Appetizer #3: blackened ahi — not really what the name suggests, it’s more of a sashimi.  The ahi was really good, not so much with the sauce though.  $16
Confit mushroom salad — break open the egg in the middle and mix everything together!  $12
Selecting the dessert was a bit of a challenge since I love the famous souffle. However, since I was in Hawaii, I figured I’d try something native, Roy’s Milk and Cookies – milk shake with freshly baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  The combination was great – I could’ve easily eaten half a dozen cookies just by themselves! $7.50

[Hawaii] Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice

66-087 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712


I heard about Matsumoto’s from friends, before I even went to Hawaii.  They raved about the shaved ice, how it’s a must try.  So I made my friend stop by on our drive up to North Shore.  You can’t miss it – it’s the only store with a huge line out the front!  Supposedly there’s a Matsumoto’s truck at Diamond Head, but I didn’t see it when I went on my hike.


The line – don’t be daunted.  Even though it may seem long, it actually moves quite fast.  I guess shaved ice appeals to all ages!


The shaved ice menu – so many choices!  Try it with the ice cream.  The various flavored syrups blended with the vanilla ice cream is so good!  Get it with a holder for an extra $0.25 if you don’t want dripping syrupy water all over you. 🙂


Got the small tropical flavor with ice cream, which has lilikoi, guava and papaya flavored syrups.  So colorful and pretty!  Not to mention so refreshing and yummy on a hot day.


The store also sells various Hawaiian treats and souvenirs.  It’s a one-stop shop!


[Waikiki/Hawaii] Blue Water Shrimp & Fish Market

International Market Place Food Court
2330 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815


I heard that the famous Giovanni garlic shrimp truck at North Shore is worth the long drive from Waikiki, but wasn’t sure if/when I was going to have time to go there.  Then, I met a few Chicago foodies who told me about Blue Water Shrimp & Fish Market in Waikiki, which is supposed to be even better than Giovanni.  Since it’s in Waikiki, off I went!  I will still have to try Giovannis the next time I’m in Hawaii, so that I can compare.


The signage – almost looks like a fish market!  Located inside the International Market Place Food Court.


The 1 page menu.  Prices are really reasonable for the amount of food you get.


The famous garlic shrimp – 6 pieces $7.95.  The presentation is so Hawaiian!  And yes, comes with rice, side salad and slice of pineapple.  The shrimp is really fresh!  I braved my shrimp allergies and tackled the plate but no allergies after the meal, so yay!  Should’ve ordered more pieces!  Nom nom nom…

[Waikiki/Hawaii] Eggs ‘N Things

343 Saratoga Rd
Honolulu, HI 96815


I was looking for a local place for some authentic Hawaiian breakfast, flipped through my Lonely Planet and found this place.  Great food, good service, however, the wait could be horrendous since it’s a small place (seating is only on the second floor).  I waited for 30 minutes, and for bigger parties, I heard the wait was well over 1 hour.  No wonder the coffee shop next door has such brisk business – people get so tired from waiting for Eggs ‘N things.  But good things come to those who wait!  🙂


The long line outside, at 8am


The menu


Guava juice – small $3.95


The different syrups – coconut and guava.  Both are really tasty!  And of course, there’s also maple syrup.


My breakfast: portuguese sausage & eggs.  The eggs were light and fluffy.  Never had portuguese sausage before this and it was yummy!  Comes with a side of salsa.  $8.95


Upgraded to macademia nut pancakes for extra $2.75.  There were macademia nuts inside the pancakes too!  I think they used mochi powder in the batter because the texture had a little bit of the mochi consistency.  Highly recommend this pancake, especially with the coconut syrup!  ^ ^