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Al Watan Halal Restaurant

13619 Inglewood Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250

(310) 644-6395

In my opinion, this is hands down, the best Indian food restaurant in LA! Even though this place is just down the street from me, up until a few years ago, I didn’t realize its existence until I saw an article in the LA Times about cops’ favorite dining places. Since it really is literally just down the street, I went and have been hooked ever since.
This place is a hole in the wall. That being said,  don’t be daunted by the simple decor and fluorescent lights.  The food will make you wish you knew about this place sooner!  Al Watan serves some of the best tandoori and mango lassi I’ve ever had. Prices are really reasonable and the portions are of a decent size, meant to be shared.  Also, the restaurant sometimes participate in the restaurant.com gift certificates, so be sure to check and get an even better deal!
This is what I ordered on a recent visit, for 2 and we still ended up with left-overs!
Start off with the complimentary salad after you order, with a very light cucumber dressing
Aloo palak – potatoes and spinach  $5.99
Neehari – spicy beef curry.  Chunks of slow cooked beef in a spicy curry sauce. This is one of their specialties.  It is very spicy but the beef is so tender!  $7.99
Dal makhani – lentils.  Mild and creamy, it is a perfect dish to cool off the spiciness of other dishes.  $5.99
Plain basmati rice – the dishes we ordered do not come with rice, so we ordered a la carte.  The rice is very light and fluffy.  $3.99
Garlic naan – their naan and garlic naan are both huge and freshly made!  Great with the veggie dishes.  $1.99
Cool off with a glass of mango lassi!  This is a mango flavored yogurt drink, yummy!  $2