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Best restaurants in South Bay

Discover LA published its list of the best restaurants in South Bay and I think it’s a pretty good one (although with so many great restaurants in South Bay, I’m sure they missed some!):



Here are my posts of the ones I’ve been to:

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I’ve been meaning to try Fishing with Dynamite and Little Sister, both in Manhattan Beach.  Has anyone been?  I haven’t heard of Coni’s Seafood or Mar’sel… I guess they’ll go on the to-eat list now!

Eatalian Cafe

15500 S Broadway St
Gardena, CA 90248

(310) 532-8880




Ever since I saw all of the great reviews on Yelp about this place, I’ve wanted to try it.  Everyone raves how authentically Italian it is and the fact that the restaurant makes its own cheese just adds to the allure. It’s easy to miss the restaurant, since it blends in with the industrial neighborhood.  The restaurant itself looks like it was converted from a warehouse, so it’s very airy and spacious inside.  There’s the open kitchen, the cheese making section, the gelato section, the coffee bar, etc.  Good place for gatherings.  And the food is great!


Outside the restaurant – the banners will help you find it!


Street side of the restaurant.  No, this isn’t the entrance.  The entrance is around to the side.


Inside the restaurant: cheese-making section


The extensive menu covers 2 sides!  Lots of pizza, pasta and salad choices.


The bread’s usually a good indication of the restaurant’s food.  And we were off to a good start!


Caprese: FRESH mozzarella with tomato and basil.  Drizzle with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and it’s so tasty!  $12.95


Tagliatelle con Funghi: tagliatelle with porcini and fresh mushroom –  it’s one of their homemade fresh pastas.  Yummy!  $12.25


Tortelli di Zucca: butternut squash ravioli. The butternut squash filling is really sweet, almost like a dessert!  $12.75


Pizza of the day:  white pizza with shrimp, artichoke, cherry tomatoes in pesto sauce, on thin crust.  Almost like the ones I had in Italy.  $12.95


Finish off the meal with a selection from the gelato bar!  Pick out your flavors and take it back to your table.


Mango and yogurt frutti di bosco (berries yogurt).  1 scoop (1-2 flavors).  The gelato is pretty good.  $3.20