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[Berlin, Germany] Bayrischer Leberkäse

You can find a variety of eateries at or around the S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations in Berlin.  Just like Asia!  This deli/ eatery is located in the Friedrichstrasse station, I think it was on the third floor.  It’s small, but there was a bit of a line.  So we figured we’d give it a try… especially since we saw prime rib!!!



The small menu is in German and prices are reasonable, about EUR 3 – 4


Lots of different slabs of freshly roasted meats!  So pick and choose~


So we got what most people were ordering.  Just point and say “Same”  🙂  It was a thick slab of hand-carved prime rib, topped with tangy slaw and mustard, held together by a kaiser roll.  It was seriously some good eats.  The prime rib was perfectly cooked at medium, tender and juicy.  I wish they have this in LA!!!  EUR 3.50 (approx USD $4.50)