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[Hawaii] The original Roy’s Restaurant

6600 Kalanianaole Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96825
I’ve tried a few Roy’s but never visited the original, which was started in 1988 in Hawaii.  One of my Hawaiian friends told me that the original Roy’s offers exclusive Hawaii menu items.  And I wanted to see the birth place of the chain.  So on my way back from Hanauma Bay, I stopped by for dinner.  Reservations are recommended as the restaurant fills up fast.
As usual, the servers bring a dish of seasoned edamame once you’re seated
Appetizer:  escargot.  Baked in pesto sauce, the escargot was succulent and flavorful. Already de-shelled, so you don’t have to worry about plucking! $13
About 10 escargots per order.  Use the bread to soak up the garlicky pesto sauce.  Yum!
Appetizer #2:  sizzling ahi poke – cubed tuna mixed with onion and seaweed in a soy-based sauce.  Eat it before the tuna becomes fully cooked! $15

Appetizer #3: blackened ahi — not really what the name suggests, it’s more of a sashimi.  The ahi was really good, not so much with the sauce though.  $16
Confit mushroom salad — break open the egg in the middle and mix everything together!  $12
Selecting the dessert was a bit of a challenge since I love the famous souffle. However, since I was in Hawaii, I figured I’d try something native, Roy’s Milk and Cookies – milk shake with freshly baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  The combination was great – I could’ve easily eaten half a dozen cookies just by themselves! $7.50

Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant

The Inn at Spanish Bay
2700 17 Mile Dr
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

(831) 647-7500




There are Roys all over the US, but I heard this one had the best view.  Since I was already going to be in the area anyway, my coworker had recommended this place.  It’s on the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach.

Entrance fee ($9.50) for the 17 Mile Drive can be deducted against the meal, or against any restaurant located inside the 17 Mile Drive.  🙂  I went for a late lunch since it was quite a drive from LA.  The day was a little overcast so not much of a good view.  But, I can imagine that the view to be spectacular on clear days!

For lunch, Roy’s Bento Box seem to be a good deal at $24: it includes miso soup, california rolls, sashimi, small salad, special appetizer of the day (beef egg rolls) and a choice from 6 different entrees (filet steak, miso butterfish, macademia crusted fish, blackened ahi, grilled atlantic salmon).  Food was pretty good, although I still prefer their prix fixe menu – the hot chocolate souffle is just too hard to resist!

The golf course at Spanish Bay – maybe someday I’ll get to play here!


Complimentary edammame


Miso Soup – included with lunch bento box


Lunch bento box – I went with the miso butterfish.  Mmmm!